The Eyes That Stalked Us

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The night was frigid and our breath came out as soft white wisps that faded into the darkness. The last flashlight was on its last legs, as the light flickered and occasionally faded. I would periodically give it a smack and the light would kick back up. I remember my friend muttering how I should stop abusing it because it wouldn’t change our predicament. We were lost- late at night. Lost late at night, in a corn maze, after most of the people had left. We looked about, silently hoping the owner of the corn field would come through the towering stalks, but our wishes did not come true.

Our clothes didn’t hinder the bone chilling cold from nipping at us and sting our skin as we walked. As the temperature dropped so did our sense of reasoning. We would argue and bicker about the direction, the cold, the light, even the trail mix. Finally, we separated. We could no longer stand each other’s company as the moments drawled on. I was on my own finally and looking about. I thought I had the benefit of the situation what with having my failing flashlight. It was something at least. The others would be stuck merely wishing for the moon or starlight. But neither came out that night. Everything was black and cold.

The sound of my own footfalls echoed about the maze so far as I could hear; it seemed eternal. Like the soft crunching would be my only companion until I was found in the morning -if that were to happen. I was weary and freezing. I longed for the warmth of my house, the comfort of my bed. There was still the hope that if I kept moving, I could find freedom. Find that and return to my car and go home. The others would regret the argument. I was right, I had the light, and I would be the one going home soon. Or so, I hoped. But, these were my friends. Even if I was mad now, I wanted them to be safe. I called out each of their names. The silence and the darkness was the only answer I got.

Suddenly a rustling in the corn caught my ear and I turned to the noise, hoping for one of my friends or maybe the farmer… but there was nothing aside from the shifting and bustling within the corn. I called out again and there was nothing. Then I spoke a simple “Hello’.

Some wretched and unearthly ghoulish sound resonated from the corn and I didn’t even think about it. I let out my own terrified shrill and ran. My feet moved even when I couldn’t feel them any more. My breath was short and labored, as I bolted through the winding trails and walls of corn. Then I heard it.  Yelling in the distance. Yelling and shouting. My name ran through the night air. People were searching for me! I was so happy. But that momentary glee did not last as the disturbance from within the stalks of food closed in on me. Once again I took off and made for the voices, urging them to continue calling for me. The light from my flashlight had failed completely by now, and I just tossed it aside and made haste. Maybe I was faster without the stupid flashlight, or maybe the creature was distracted by the object I did away with. I didn’t know, nor did I care. I was safer than I was before. My name rattled on through the soft and crippling wind, but I wasn’t detoured. My friends weren’t far.

Just as I continued through I found my friends gathered at the edge of the corn maze with worried glances. I was in tears as I saw them. They were panicked too. I didn’t ask, I simply assumed we all had encountered our share of the creature within the maze. I don’t think any of us wanted to speak of it again. Especially with how that wretched creature ended our adventure.

I don’t know why I did this; maybe curiosity or wanting closure, but I looked back. I turned my eyes to the corn maze and looked to a set of soul piercing eyes that burned into me and my friends. Not just one set… there were dozens of these eyes that bore into all of us. Our bodies locked up with fear as we peered into the eyes of the creatures that could have been our end. We stared as the creature’s eyes carved themselves into our minds for the rest of our days. It wasn’t until the worse had happened had we finally came to and made for our vehicles.

A hand as cold as death itself shot out from the corn an gripped me by the jacket and trying to pull me in. The hand was decrepit and repulsive with sores and cracks all over. This single hand seemed to have the same strength as five men as my friends grabbed me and worked hard to pull me from the corn field. All I could do was scream and cry as the shrill of a banshee seemed to rip through the darkness once again, right before I fell into my group of heroes.

Amazingly enough, that was the last of it all. But the effects would haunt me forever. This night would haunt all of us. We made for our cars and returned home. Never had we spoke of the event, nor the creature, nor the eyes. Nothing was to be repeated. We didn’t want to remember it, didn’t want to accept that it was real. But I know, as we all went to our homes and curled up to sleep… those eyes watched us. Those eyes would always watch us.

Liked the story? Well, we hope so; and no, this is not real. But it sounded like quite the adventure right? Well, consider making your own adventure this October and find a local corn maze to venture though. We have a handful of options for you to look into for your night of fright or just Fall fun with the family.

  1.   Kruger’s Farm Market                                                                       17100 NW Sauvie Island Rd, Portland, OR 97231
  2.   Bella Organic Farm                                                                            16205 NW Gillihan Rd, Portland, OR 97231
  3.   Fazio Farms Corn Maze                                                                     9028 NE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97211
  4.   Bi-Zi Farms                                                                                           9504 NE 119th St, Vancouver, WA 98662
  5.   Liepold Farms | Pumpkin Patch                                                      14480 SE Richey Rd, Boring, OR 97009

There are also hayrides, pick-your-own-pumpkin, food, and often live music. So, head on down one of these or one you know and love and share your adventure with us if you like.

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The Eyes That Stalked Us
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