Halloween Is Coming, Bee Ready

Soon, creatures of many shapes and sizes will begin to roam the earth. Walking door to door in search of grand and tasty treasure. The tapping upon the door of your dwelling place will commence this one night – but the most important thing to think of is… are you prepared?

The decorations are ready.

You have bought all the candy for the trick or treaters.

But what about you? Will you answer the door in your plain old PJs or casual wear? Or shall you greet your fellow Hallows eve creature in your own disguise? What would you be? A werewolf? Vampire? Witch? Cop? Solider? Ketchup bottle? Are you gonna spend silly amounts of money for clothes you will wear for one night? Why spend sixty, seventy, or even eighty dollars on those silly and uncomfortable outfit? Why not make your own? Let alone make something that can be not only a creation of your own but one of a kind and comfortable? Most of all; making your own costume could also save some major bucks!

Well, we have some pictures we found that we thought could give all of you some ideas to make a cute or intricate bee costume of your own.



Well; we hope you all like those. If you like, we would also love to see your creative costumes, bee or not. So tag us in the comments either on facebook or instagram. Hope you all have great time and make lots of memories!

Halloween Is Coming, Bee Ready
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