Baby, It’s 2 Cold Outside!

Some of us can expect snow over the weekend, and into next week. But even if you don’t get snow, you may still be in for a chilly time. That’s because much of the Northern United States can expect freezing temperatures for the next several days.

Whoever you are, and however you choose to celebrate, please remember to be careful on the roads. Make sure you have a winter emergency care kit in your car. If you have pets on board, remember to bring food for them in your kit, and if you have a baby/toddler, remember extra diapers.

This is the Recommended emergency car kit posted online by the Washington State Department of Transportation. And here is a comprehensive checklist by TakeWinterByStorm.

Remember, even the fanciest car becomes nothing more than a fancy freezer if it becomes disabled in cold enough weather, even if there’s no snow in sight. The cold – on its own- can be very dangerous, especially if you face it unprepared.

With all that said; stay alert and be mindful of any and all passengers you may have. Have plenty of food and water for the trip, also be ready with blankets  and jumper cables if need be. It would also be wise to look around your neighboring automotive store for a jump starter which allows you to jump your car with a battery you charge at home; it can help make all the difference in the event your car won’t start and there are no other cars coming and going. Most of all; we hope you all make it where you need to go this holiday season and enjoy being with your families. Happy Holidays to all of you and stay safe!

Baby, It’s 2 Cold Outside!
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