About Us

How we got started working with bees.bees2

When we learned about all the challenges that were facing honey bees, I wanted to be part of the solution. I knew that the long term survival of the honey bees couldn’t work if the bees were reliant on having there hives fumigated one, two, or even three times a year. I knew that we needed to re-establish the ability of the honey bee to survive in the wild. Working on this has been both exciting and frustrating. It has meant changing the bee keeping practices that I learned from my master beekeeper to ones more consistent with nature. That means I do things differently from commercial beekeepers. One difference is that I do not move my bees to pollinate commercial crops. The second is that I do not try to maximize honey production. The third is that I try to reduce pests naturally,  while finding honey bees that can survive in our local ecosystem.